Work in the vineyard: SEPTEMBER, Botrytis control treatments.

The month of September is the traditional harvest month.

At this time, if we have been controlling both pests and diseases throughout the previous vegetative cycle, there are usually no problems.

The main problem in the vineyard at this time of September is BOTRYTIS. Botrytis is a disease that spoils grapes.

The damage it produces is very important in the vineyard since it directly affects both the quantity and the quality of the harvest.

As a fungal disease that it is, the development of fungi is directly proportional to the weather conditions that we have:

  • Adverse climatic conditions in the ripening of the bunch (rains, high relative humidity, etc.).
  • Presence of wounds on the berries caused by thrips, cluster moths, powdery mildew, birds, physiological cracking, etc., not controlled in previous months.

If any of these two conditions occur, it is interesting to carry out a treatment.

As at this time we are already harvesting some varieties , it is essential to carefully read the label of the product to be treated and respect the safety periods and the doses in the treatment.

You can get more information about botrytis here.

Active matter to use:

An active ingredient that can be used for this disease is Pirimethanil 40%.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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