1- Seedless grape: Superior or Sugraone

Apyrenic white cultivar.

From cardinal and an apyrene genitor.

2- Synonyms:

It is also known as:
Regular Superior Seedless, Sugra One, Sugraone, Superior.

3- Clusters:

  • Of large , conical and shoulders,
  • Of compactness media,
  • With a medium length peduncle and very low lignification.
  • With uniform size of grains and color of the epidermis of the same ones.

4- Berries:

  • Its flavor is neutral, slightly aromatic. º Brix: 15-18.
  • The berry has a color from light green to yellowish green.
  • Thick , ovoid to ovoid in shape and circular in section.
  • Skin (skin) very thick, yellowish – green, with abundant bloom, with lenticelas and estilar inconspicuous scar.
  • Very consistent, crisp pulp , not pigmented and fleshy, but low in juiciness.
  • With particular musky aromas or flavors, it is very fruity and has a high sugar content.
  • Pedicels short, thick and with little marked brush. Easy to detach.
  • Seeds:  Apirena (without seeds). It does not present seeds.

5- Strains:

  • Of force very high and upright bearing.
  • Low fertility.
  • Production medium-high, irregular productions.
  • De brotación , Sift and early veraison: very early maturing.
  • It is a variety of short click and very early season.

6- Viticultural characteristics: 

  1. Very vigorous variety , for this reason it requires de-spreading and stripping, it can be blunt.
  2. Vigor must be regulated .
  3. It adapts well to  driving in vineyards.
  4. Its fertility is low and it only has grapes from the third or fourth bud , then it requires long pruning (in rods), it is driven in vines and in liras.
  5. The recommended type of pruning is a long to very long pruning. Produces from the third or fourth bud. It can be blunt.
  6. It adapts very well to growing under covers.
  7. It is sensitive to excessive fertilization and deficiencies of Zn and Fe.
  8. Sensitive to mildew.
  9. Not moderately sensitive to powdery mildew.
  10. Very sensitive to thrips and mites.
  11. Sensitive to cluster moth.
  12. Little sensitive to botrytis.
  13. Frequently affected by acid rot.
  14. Little sensitive to flower bleeding .
  15. Seedless grape with high sugar content and medium acidity, which is why, due also to its melliferous and fruity flavor, it is one of the most appreciated apirena varieties.
  16. Suitable for table grapes, canning and raisins:  Its main use is fresh consumption as table grapes, but it is also used in the industry to make juices, fruit salads, preserves, raisins….

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