1- Seedless grape: Flame Seedles

2- Apirena ink variety (seedless).

Flame seedles is a seedless table grape variety . It is used exclusively as a table or raisin grape.

Its berries are neutral in flavor , slightly aromatic.

It has good organoleptic and taste qualities.

Its bunch is large and medium compact.

3- Origin:

This variety was obtained in Fresno (California) , from the crossing of Cardinal and Sultanina.

4- Bunches:

The bunches are very large in size , with loose berries, with long peduncles and weak lignification.

With berries of low uniformity in size and color.

5- Berries:

The grains are small-medium in size , spherical in shape and circular in section.

With skins or skin it is very attractive purplish red , very thin and with a lot of bloom. Stylized scar well visible.

The berries have a hard and crisp pulp , not colored, quite juicy, without any peculiar aromas or flavors. Very sweet.

Easy to detach from its pedicel.

6- Strains:

Flame strains have a lot of vigor and a semi-upright bearing. Very productive.

Early budding and sowing.

Very early ripening and ripening .

It is interesting for its precocity.

In some areas viticulture is carried out under plastic or mesh to increase its earliness.

7- Characteristics and cultivation of the flame seedless grape:

  1. Flame seedless is a medium vigor variety .
  2. It accepts long pruning to increase production, although it is not advisable as the average size of the bunches is reduced.
  3. It requires de-sprouting and disarming due to its high vigor.
  4. In the Flame variety, ringing is recommended to increase the size and homogenize the color.
  5. Cluster thinning is also recommended .
  6. Gibberellin treatments can be performed.
  7. It is a mildew-sensitive variety.
  8. Not very sensitive to powdery mildew.
  9. Not very sensitive to botrytis.
  10. Sensitive to spring frosts .
  11. This grape is very sweet and has a balanced acidity.
  12. Suitable for table grapes (fresh consumption) and for making raisins, which are the highest quality among those from seedless varieties.
  13. This seedless grape withstands transport and cold storage very well .
  14. It can present problems of lack of color in viticulture in warm areas.
  15. Currently it reaches good prices in the market.

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