1- Origin. Red grape varieties

California. Emperor x Pirovano Cross 75 (Muscat of Alexandria x Sultanina).

2- Synonyms:

Ruby is also known as King Ruby.

3- Clusters of ruby ​​seedless grapes

The clusters are very large, with loose berries, with short stalks and little lignification.

With not very homogeneous clusters in color and size. It takes a bit to catch the color evenly.

4- Berries

Medium in size , circular in section and spherical-ellipsoid in shape.

With short green pedicel and thick ridge.

Skins  of medium thickness, with a lot of sheen , with an uneven bright red-violet color.

Soft pulp , without pigmentation, very juicy, with a slight flavor and melliferous aroma.

5- Strains

Very vigorous , with high fertility and great production.

Overflowing, hovering and poisoning from the middle period.

Late ripening .

6- Agronomic characteristics of the ruby ​​seedless table grape

Variety that requires long and supported pruning , favorably driven in trellis or vine.

Sensitive to powdery mildew.

Little attacked by mildew.

Very sensitive to botrytis .

Resistant to transport.

Good conservation cold.

Suitable for the preparation of raisins because it does not have seeds.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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