1- Roseti Table Grape: White table variety.

Roseti table grapes: A table grape variety highly valued in the Mediterranean.

2- Synonyms: 

This variety is also known as:

  1. Rosetta meat,
  2. Regina,
  3. Rosaki,
  4. Razaki,
  5. Rosetti,
  6. Real Grape,
  7. Afouz Ali,
  8. Datil of Beyrouth,
  9. Date,
  10. Aleppo,
  11. Inzolia,
  12. Imperial,
  13. Pergulone.  


The Roseti table grapes have large and fairly long clusters, of low compactness, with a medium length peduncle and a well lignified base but with short lignification.

Not very homogeneous in size and color of its berries.  

3- Berries: 

The berries are large in size, with an elongated, almost cylindrical elliptical shape, with viral infection giving ovoid or rounded grains.

Circular section.

Of uneven size.

It has a pulp not colored, consistent, of high juiciness, with characteristic melliferous flavor and aromas, it is undoubtedly one of the most aromatic table grapes.

With a short pedicel that is difficult to detach, with buns tending towards a typical brown color and large, with a strong brush.

Seeds of medium size, narrow and elongated.  

4- Strains: 

The roseti table grapes vines are very vigorous, with a semi-upright habit tending to be horizontal.

It is a late budding and veraison variety.

With mid-season sowing and maturation. 

With very good fertility and high production.  

5- Viticultural characteristics:

  • The table grapes roseti is a very productive variety.
  • Early budding and therefore sensitive to spring cold.
  • Sensitive to powdery mildew, mildew and botrytis.
  • Very sensitive to fungal diseases of wood.
  • Sensitive to mites, thrips and cycadelids.
  • Little sensitive to lobesia.
  • Requires de-sprouting.
  • Clusters can be blunted to improve grain size and quality.
  • Its leaf removal is suitable to improve and homogenize the color of its berries.
  • Very appreciated for its good appearance and its particular aromas and flavors.
  • Good behavior and well adapted in transport and conservation.

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