In the wine cellars of wineries, restaurants and bars, it is very common to see white or red wines. Why fool us, they are the two types of varieties most in demand among the population.

However, rosé wine is gaining more and more presence in wine bars. We will tell you some of the reasons that explain this fact!

Rosé wine: two facts you did not know

  1. It pairs with practically all foods : rosé wine is ideal for those dishes that belong to the Mediterranean diet. Pasta, rice, sausages, salads … It even pairs with Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine! Something that causes the envy of red and white wines, more complicated to pair. Although, yes, it never hurts to take a look at the article in which we talked about anti-marriage!
  2. It is the most versatile wine : one of the things that most worries the wine sector is the weak receptivity that young people show towards wine. Something that according to the experts, can be improved with rosé wine. And it is that this type of wine combines the fresh notes of white wine and the aromatic notes of red. A result that is more appealing to the most difficult to convince palates.

The 5 most popular rosé wines in Spain

Although the popularity of rosé wine in Spain is far from that of France, the truth is that little by little it is climbing positions.

These are 5 of the rosé wines that have built a good reputation:

  1. The mark of Aitana : as many will have guessed right by the proper name of this wine, its place of origin is Navarra. It is a fresh wine with fruity aromas.
  2. Docetañidos Rosado : belongs to the DO Cigales. It is undoubtedly one of the rosés of historical reference.
  3. Viña Sastre Rosé : Viña Sastre is one of the most relevant Spanish family wineries. Its DO is Ribera del Duero.
  4. Cortijo los Aguilares Rosados : comes from Malaga, and stands out for its intense flavor.
  5. Pardas Sumoll Rosat : rosé wine made with the autochthonous Sumoll variety. With DO El Penedès, it stands out for being very tasty, fresh and dry.

At what temperature should a rosé wine be served?

Like white wines, rosés need to be served at a lower temperature than reds. Thus, experts advise that a rosé wine be served between 6º and 8º.

For this, it is ideal to have a wine cellar. This not only allows to regulate the temperature of the rosé wine bottles, but also the relative humidity level.

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