Rosé wine has properties and benefits that make it one of the most special wines on the market. Far from being the emergency bottle at parties, rosé wine can become the best table companion.

Refreshing, sparkling, sweet … what better pleasure for our palate on a summer night? Leave a space in your wine cellars , because we present you your new favorite wine .

What properties does rosé wine have

The properties and benefits of rosé wine are as many as those of any other wine endorsed with a prestigious designation of origin. This makes it an ideal wine both for pairing, for a first date or to enjoy on the couch after a long day at work .

Rosé wine has ideal properties to fill wine cellars around the world. But especially, those of our country. It can be consumed together with the most typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet. That is, we can enjoy this concoction accompanied by a good paella, salad, meat and even fish.

It is not a wild card wine. It simply contains flavors so smooth and refreshing that it blends perfectly with any meal . This makes rosé wine ideal for

The healthy benefits of rose wine

In addition to the pleasant taste of the properties of rosé wine, its characteristics are beneficial and healthy. One drink a day contains antioxidant properties . So consuming rosé wine in moderation can slow aging and improve blood circulation .

The nutritional properties and benefits of rosé wine place this drink among the lowest in fat. A wine with a young and sensual personality, which knows how to propose the exact point between maturity and freshness .

A wine for unique wine cellars, full of excellent nuances with fruity touches and absolute balance. Become the best host and fill your vinoteca of rose wine!

What are you waiting for to find your ideal wine fridge ?

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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