The most common is that red wine is the most abundant type of wine inside wine cellars . And the wide benefits of drinking red wine in moderation are well known.

And, for women, one of the advantages that red wine could have is to prevent breast cancer. We explain why!

The data from a study in the FASEB Journal

As he concludes a study in the FASEB Journal, resveratrol, which is a component of red wine, it could prevent the development of cells responsible for creating cancer mam to .

Research states that resveratrol can by preventing growth and the way estrogens combine with DNA to grow tumor cells and transform them into malignant cells .

Experiments that have been carried out have shown that resveratrol enhances the effects of rapamycin , which is the medicine used in cancer treatments. Thus, with resveratrol, the treatments become much more effective.

Resveratrol, key in breast cancer prevention studies

The resveratrol is an antioxidant found in some varieties of plants. And, to a large extent, on the skin of red grapes. That is why red wine has a not inconsiderable proportion of resveratrol in its essence.

This ingredient known for its antienvejecimient properties or . Likewise, it is often used when breast cancer becomes completely resistant to hormonal therapies.

And is that breast cancer constitutes 16% of female cancers, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) . A figure that drives research to find its causes and possible cures.

We already talked in another article about the advantages of consuming red wine, although yes, always in a moderate way!

However, you should know that for resveratrol and the other beneficial properties of wine to remain intact, you have to keep your wine bottles in optimal conditions .

For example, the temperature at which your bottles are should be appropriate for the variety of wine that is . And, as far as possible, this temperature must be constant , without abrupt changes that could harm the essence of your wines.

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