The wine sector is experiencing one of its best moments: its projection and development is surprising even the most optimistic.

And the truth is that it is increasingly common to see  oak red wine bottles in wine coolers . Oak red wine? Yes, oak red wine. Do you want to know a little more about this type of wine?

What is red oak wine?

The red oak is a young, vintage wine. In other words, it is a red wine that has been expressly preserved in an oak wood barrel for a limited time . Normally, it is usually 6 to 9 months, although this decision will depend on the recipe of each winery.

Likewise, and as its name suggests, oak red wine requires oak wood barrels. Another aspect that differentiates it from other types of wine.

And it is that the maceration of the wine is a fundamental step, whose objective is the extraction of tannins, aromas and color . This softens the taste of the wine.

The red oak wine has a peculiar, unique and incomparable flavor. Its stay in the barrel is short, but very intense . Proof of this is the powerful fruity, spicy flavor with some toasted note, which is perceived after sips of a red oak.

The role of wooden barrels in the winemaking process

The wooden barrels were a very important advance in the wine sector, an invention that, to the surprise of many, is quite recent. And it is that in the elaboration of the old wines amphoras or another type of container were used, that habitually it was of ceramic.

Thus, the function of wooden barrels is none other than to provide oxygen, aromas and texture to the wine. This step is often called ” wine aging “.

In order to obtain a quality oak red wine, it is necessary to respect each of the production steps of this wine. Thus, placing special emphasis on the use of oak wood when the wine is stored in the barrels .

Ultimately, and no less important, is the conservation of the wine once it has been bottled. For this, it is essential to use wine coolers which provide the wine with storage without thermal fluctuations or direct light .

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