The relationship between moderate consumption of red wine and health has always been close. But new studies narrow it even more.

Science, thanks to its research, reflects how beneficial it can be to have a glass of red wine on a regular basis at lunch and dinner. We explain its main benefits!

The secret lies in the components of the wine, but care must be taken to preserve them properly. How? With a wine cellar , you keep the wine at an optimal and constant temperature, as well as the humidity level. All this with the aim of keeping all its properties intact.


Benefits of a glass of red wine a day

Yes, consuming red wine in moderation is healthy. And this claim is scientifically supported by recent studies. Do you want to know what the results are?

  1. It helps to maintain people’s weight : this is thanks to a gene found in this type of wine, which helps prevent new fat cells from being generated.
  2. Improves endorphin production : wine helps us to relax and, therefore, release endorphins. Something that helps increase people’s well-being!
  3. Helps keep your mind sharp : Studies show that drinking 1 or 2 glasses a day of red wine can reduce your chances of developing dementia-related illnesses by up to 30%.
  4. Red wine can be an effective blood thinner:  people who drink red wine in moderation have been shown to have less fibrinogen protein, which contributes to blood clots.
  5. Repels insects :  some revealing studies show that having a certain proportion of red wine in the blood acts as a “mosquito repellent”.

Why is red wine the healthiest?

To say that “wine is healthy” is to generalize excessively. And not because the wine is not, but because there is a lot of difference depending on the type of wine we are talking about .

In this sense, red wine is the one that brings the most benefits to our health according to science . And it is no coincidence … we explain the reasons!

To produce red wine, you need the must that comes from purple grapes, collected at harvest.

It should be noted that the seeds and the skin of the grapes are also used for the production of red wine. And it is in these elements where a large amount of polyphenols is found. These chemicals are known for their antioxidant properties and their contribution to reducing cancer and cardiovascular disease .

Unlike red wine, white wine only uses the pulp of the grape , so the properties of the peel are lost.

Another fact to highlight is that depending on the type of grape, the quality of the soil, and the climate, there will be more or less concentration of polyphenols .

At Vitempus we are aware of the importance of keeping wine in optimal conditions. Because ultimately, it is the way to keep all the beneficial properties of red wine intact.

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