1- Red Globe: Table grape variety.

The Red Globe is a variety widely planted in the Mediterranean arc, but especially in Murcia, Almeria, and Huelva. It is the largest variety of berry. Its bunches are also very large and the productions per hectare can reach 40,000Kg.

2- Origin:

The variety was obtained by HP Olmo and A. Koyama at the University of Davis (California).

The varieties Emperador, Hunisa and Nocera intervened in the crossing.

3- Synonyms:

The red globe is also known as red globe, black fat, thick grape.

4- Applications of the Red Globe table grape variety:

It is a variety of grapevine for fresh consumption, pink.

5- Characteristics of the red gloge grape:

Cluster :

  • Big size,
  • Medium compactness,
  • Cuneiform shape,
  • With long peduncle.
  • Homogeneous in color and size of the berries.

Mrs .:

  • As its name indicates Red Globe (Red Globe) has very large grapes ,
  • Globose ellipsoid shape,
  • Thick and consistent skin,
  • Purplish red color, very showy,
  • Fleshy pulp with a fruity flavor,
  • With medium-sized and globose seeds.
  • Easy to detach.

6- Phenology:

The variety presents a medium budding and a medium maturation .

Sprouting date :

From the first week of March in Huelva, until the fourth week of March in Almería.

Ripening date :

From the second week of August in Seville until the third week of August in Almería.

It is a variety with a lot of vigor and with very high yields.

7- Cultivation of the red globe grape: Cultivation techniques.

  1. Very vigorous vines, semi-erect.
  2. Productive, fertility with indices between 1.1-2.
  3. It adapts well to double cord pruning .
  4. Produces well with thumbs of 2 or 3 visible buds.
  5. It requires green pruning operations such as grape thinning, de-budding, stripping and trimming.
  6. It improves the quality by trimming of bunches.
  7. Very sensitive to the sunny . To avoid burns of the bunches exposed to the sun, it is advisable to distribute the shoots well and then to tip them, to provoke the development of the grandchildren and achieve a good roof of leaves.
  8. It must be grafted on vigorous rootstock . Its lack of affinity with some rootstocks, 1103 P in particular, has been noted.
  9. It can be treated with phytoregulators or girdled.
  10. Sensitive to mildew in vine.
  11. Sensitive to the powdery mildew of the vine.
  12. Not very sensitive to Botrytis of the vine, mites and thrips.

8- Business and technological skills:

  • The Red Globe variety has great visual appeal due to its size and color, which makes it very appreciable in the table grape market.
  • Very commercial due to its large size and balance in its sugar and acidity content.
  • It shows good behavior in cold storage and good resistance to transport.
  • Sometimes the Red Globe variety poses coloration problems.
  • Due to their size, the bunches are usually sold fragmented.

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