1- Caiño Tinto

Caiño is a variety of vine of Galician origin.

2- Synonyms:

It is also known for:

  1. Borrasao black,
  2. Cachón,
  3. Caiño bravo,
  4. Caiño Tinto.

3- Clusters:

In size small, cylindrical but with the first branch usually very long.

The bunch of the caiño is of high uniformity in the size of the berries.

The grape is medium to low compact .

With a very short but lignified peduncle and berries that are difficult to detach.

4- Berries:

Small, elliptical or circular, with jet black skin and lots of bloom.

  1. Persistent navel.
  2. Pedicel long, big bun.
  3. Difficult to detach.
  4. With thick skin.
  5. Soft pulp, without pigmentation and very juicy with a characteristic herbaceous flavor.

5- Strains:

The caiño vines are of medium to high vigor , with a thick trunk, lying down , with early flowering and late maturation.

6- Agronomically and adaptation to the viticultural environment:

Variety with good fertility and productivity so it admits short pruning.

  • Well adapted to not very fertile soils .
  • Sensitive to powdery mildew.
  • Little affected by mildew, excoriation and botrytis.
  • Tolerant of drought if not extreme.
  • It requires good temperatures to finish its cycle and mature properly.
  • It is very demanding in potassium fertilizer .

7- Oenologically:

It produces astringent, bitter and tannic musts , with a lot of color and high sugar content.

High acid musts .

Variety suitable for very aromatic young wines that can be of excellent quality if the production of the strains is regulated.

In not very fertile areas , with mature vines and limited productions, quality wines are obtained.

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