1. Black wrapper,
  2. Black fur,
  3. Carlina.


Medium in size, conical in shape, with very marked shoulders and a long and totally lignified peduncle.

Compact, homogeneous in berry size but not in color.


Medium in size, spherical in shape but tending to ovoid with greater verical length.


Thick, with very prominent stylized scar.

With a lot of sheen, dark purple black color.


Vigorous, with abundant branching and many clusters.

Erect bearing.

Mid-season sprouting.

Of veraison and early maturation.  

Viticulture of the Bonicaire:

  • Not very sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.
  • Sensible a la botritis.
  • Sensitive to mites.
  • Quite resistant to drought.
  • It is not affected by wood diseases, except for the tinder complex.

Oenological Characteristics:

  • It produces musts of an intense red color, aromatic, with a good sugar content.
  • Interesting potential for simple but pleasant varietal wines as young.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

My name is Dr. Sofia Seccombe, and in this small section, I want to tell you who I am and why I started this project. I don't want to bore you, but I consider that it is an important part of godlywine. It serves as an exercise in transparency so that the person who reads the articles can be sure that the information is reliable.

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