The pruning is what is done during the first two or three years (depending on the vigor of the vineyard) plantation of young vines in order to climb the plant and give it the desired structure. With the formation pruning of the vineyard, it is intended to direct the plant towards the selected cultivation form or towards the desired conduction system, which can be in glass (traditional cultivation) or trellis (current viticulture).
It is important to balance the structure of its arms from the origin of its formation with the formation of symmetrical and equidistant arms that facilitate similar flows of sap in the plant, equalizing the vigor and therefore balancing it.
The most suitable way of forming this system is to let the plant grow freely during the first year of implantation, to prune to two or three buds depending on the vigor in the following winter’s pruning. This allows the plant to adapt to the terrain and generate enough wood to accumulate reserves and allow the root system to colonize the soil.
Once this is done, the following spring, a single shoot or branch is selected in green that is directed through the vine stator (buy your vine stakes here) to the wire, allowing it to grow freely during this second year, or by performing the driving if the vigor of the plantation allows it.


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