Dinners with friends are one of the most deeply rooted traditions in our country. Of course, dinners presided over by good wines, which contribute to making the talks more enjoyable.

However, for dinner hosts there is a challenge: how to properly serve wine? For example, thanks to wine cellars , we have solved the problem of temperature. We explain the wine protocol to you!

Tips for hosts when serving wine

We all have to go through the role of host sometime. Something that makes many sleepless in the days leading up to dinner. Therefore, in this article we are going to give you some key so that your guests are satisfied with the wine.

1- The temperature of the wine

Many wonder what is the optimal temperature for serving wine. Temperature is a key factor in the conservation of wine, as we explained in a previous article . Thus, you should know that white wines must be kept at a temperature between 6º and 10º. And the reds, at a somewhat higher temperature.

2- In which glasses to serve the wine?

A glass should always be made of glass. It’s the quintessential material of elegance, and if it’s tall and stylish, even better!

3- Does the order of the wines matter?

If it matters. And the correct thing is to serve the wines from lightest to most intense. That’s what the wine protocol dictates. Although you must take into account the anti-marriage rules , so as not to make mistakes.

4- Is it necessary to decant the wines?

The truth is that if the wine is old, it is recommended to use a good decanter . But if you are young, we recommend that you do not decay it.

5- Give prominence to your wine

Wine has always been a recurring theme: for example, art has always had wine present, as we wrote in a previous article . And this drink is also one of the recurring themes at every table (and after dinner!). So find out well about the wines that you have purchased and that you are going to serve to your guests, and take the opportunity to convey that information to them. Always like that!


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In this way you will serve the wines at their proper temperature and with the guarantee that all their properties have remained intact!

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