1- Pinot Blanc

Pinot blanc: It is a variety that comes from a natural mutation of pinot noir.

Variety that is used mainly for winemaking.

2- Synonyms

Pinot blanc is also known for:

Eli pinot (Slovenia), Grossburgunder (Austria), Klevner (Austria), Pino blan (Bulgaria), Pinot Bianco (Italy, Malta, Germany), Pinot (in Italy), Rulandské biele (Slovakia), Weisser Burgunder (Germany and Austria ), Weissburgunder (Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and in some areas of Italy).

Green plant, Green Pinot, Burgunder Blanco, Weis.

3- Characteristics of the Pinot Blanc grape:


– Small to medium size, from cylindrical to cylindrical conical shape.

– Sharp, compact and homogeneous shoulders.

Berries :

– Average size.

– Yellowish green skin that turns golden when ripe.

– Circular section and spherical shape.

Strains :

– Medium vigor and semi-erect bearing.

– Sprouting and maturation between medium and early.

– High fertility.


– Light green color.

– Green streaks darker than the light green background.

4- Characteristics of the strain

  • It is a fairly vigorous variety, more productive than pinot noir or pinot gris, showing regularity in production.
  • It is somewhat sensitive to chlorosis.
  • It prefers deep, warm and stony soils.
  • It is a fairly cold-resistant variety.
  • It is a variety of budding and early maturing.
  • He is quite delicate when it comes to vine diseases.
  • This variety of vine is well adapted to northern areas.

5- Oenological potential of pinot blanc wines

  • The clusters are small, and so are the berries.
  • It makes it possible to make pleasant wines with a medium acidity.
  • It is also widely used in the production of base wines for sparkling wines.
  • In Alsace, Germany, Italy and Hungary, the wine produced from this grape is a full-bodied dry white, while in Germany and Austria it can be sweet or dry.

6- Tasting of pinot blanc


Pale yellow color with some green reflections. The wine is crisp and bright.


The nose is fresh, discreetly fruity, with hints of apple and floral hints. Without being exuberant, it perfectly expresses the primary aromas.


Pinot Blanc is a fast-opening wine. Pleasant, tender with a medium acidity, it represents the middle point in the range of Alsace wines.

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