1- Pedro Ximenez

2- Origin of Pedro Ximenez

Strain of origin probably from the Rhin Valley brought to Spain many years ago and historically implanted in Andalusia and Valencia.

Traditionally cultivated in the Andalusian and Extremaduran provinces, today it is being established in the rest of the white grape producing communities.

3- Characteristics of the pedro ximenez grape


Very large, of medium compactness and short peduncle, its grains are difficult to detach, which are also very uniform while the size of the bunches is not.


  • Medium in size, with yellowish-green epidermis, with many stomata, little prune of ciruclar section and with thick skin.
  • Its pulp is not pigmented, although due to over-ripening it turns brown when its epidermis turns intense golden.
  • Its pulp is very juicy and has a very aromatic sweet flavor with hints of fruits or flowers and melliferous.


It has a mid-season flare and ripening, very vigorous, with a very upright habit and very good production. With abundant clusters that have elliptical berries.

4- Characteristics of the variety and the Pedro Jimenez strain

  • Very sensitive to Botrytis and mildew and quite sensitive to powdery mildew.
  • Not very sensitive to wood fungi.
  • Relatively resistant to cold and wind.

5- PX fertilization

It has high phosphorus and potassium requirements.

6- Oenological potential of pedro ximenez wines:

Very alcoholic wines are made from Pedro Ximenez  , since their musts are very sugary and with low acidity.

It accepts biological aging very well  .

Raisined,  very sugary musts  of 30-32 degrees Baumé are obtained.

They are very sugary wines, with a lot of dry extract and that retain their particular taste and aroma.

Pedro Ximénez’s sweet wines are classics, which in addition to being very  aromatic , have aromas of fruits and flowers, have a very pleasant sweet taste and have a lot of extract, and therefore, a lot of body or density.

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