1- Parellada

Parellada is the finest of the traditional white varieties from Penedés, Catalonia, Spain. It produces aromatic and dry whites, with a moderate alcohol content, a fresh aroma and a delicate fruity acidity.

2- Synonyms

The parellada grape is also known as: Montonec, Montañesa, Verda Grossa, martorella, masià , montonega, montonero and montonet .

3- Characteristics of the paired grape


Very large size , with very marked shoulders, homogeneous berries.

Medium to high compactness .

Slender pendulum of medium length, with low lignification.


Medium size with spherical cross section and slightly elliptical in longitudinal section.

Thick skin of a very intense green color that keeps ripening.

Green pulp , consistent and quite juicy with a peculiar aroma.

4- Phenology of Parellada Strains

Early blooming and late maturation, with high vigor and production.

5- Characteristics of the plant and strains

  • High production due to its vigor, high fertility and large bunch size.
  • Difficulty in ripening.
  • Very sensitive to mildew, powdery mildew and low sensitivity to botrytis.
  • Sensitive to acid rot.
  • High acidity.

6- Tasting of the Parellada Wines

Visual Phase:

  • Bright and agile wines in the glass.
  • Grayish tones that denote youth.

Olfactory Phase:

  • Fruity notes of white fruit, highlighting the citrus.
  • Floral notes.
  • When it opens in the glass, the aromas increase and make it elegant.

Tasting Phase: 

  • Balanced wine with a certain acidity that gives us freshness.
  • The pear persists in the mouth after tasting it.

7- Wine pairing

  • The serving temperature is cool between 8-10 degrees.
  • We can accompany it with different rice dishes of vegetable or meat paellas, soft rice dishes.
  • It pairs well with undercooked white meat and soft, creamy cheeses.

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