One of the most unknown wines is rosé wine. However, it is becoming more and more common to see it in wineries and wine bars . Its color, its properties, its flavor … This wine is making a bigger and bigger niche in the wine market.

Yes, having a bottle of rose wine is nothing strange. But what do you know about the pairing of rosé wines? Read the article and discover the foods that pair with rose wine!

Rosé wine pairing: quick guide

Is the pairing of rosé wines as particular as its color and properties? Here we reveal which are the foods that pair with rosé wine:

  1. Rice and pasta : that the most popular rosé wine, Lambrusco, is Italian, it is no coincidence. And it is that rosé wine is an ideal companion for rice dishes, such as risotto or traditional Italian pasta.
  2. Seafood : although white wine is par excellence the ideal one to accompany seafood, rosé wine makes it a strong competition. And is that the most fruity varieties of rosé wine go well with seafood. Test it!
  3. Fish : sea bream, hake … fish can also be accompanied with rosé wine. Especially rosé wines with aromas, and fruity ones (the latter are optimal to combine with seafood).
  4. Sausages : snack time can also be a good idea to have a glass of rosé wine with some sausage. Salami or ham are good examples! In a previous article we commented that white wine and cheeses can be great allies . Well, in the case of rosé wines, the cheese can also be paired with, but yes, it must be a soft cheese!

The rosé wine, the chilli for your desserts

Rosé wine, due to its color, will not only attract all eyes when serving desserts, but will also maximize its flavor.

The rose wine , which tends to be rather sweet, maximizes the flavor of desserts like a lemon cake, chocolate cake and cream, pancakes with melted chocolate … Even the great maridan fruit tartlets with pink wine!


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