What is Ozone?

Ozone is an allotropic variety of oxygen, its triatomic molecule (O3) is generated by the activation of the oxygen molecule O2. This activation can be caused by the action of an electrical discharge or by the radiated energy of ultraviolet rays.

Ozone Properties

Ozone has a great oxidizing power and therefore is:

  • Bactericide.
  • Sterilizing.
  • Virucida.
  • Microbicide.
  • Deodorant.

The application of ozone in the cellar

Ozone, for different reasons, provides an optimal solution for deodorization and sterilization in warehouses, by carrying out such deodorization and sterilization in an absolute way in:

  • All tanks, whether they are oak, cement or stainless steel.
  • All the tools and machinery involved in winemaking.
  • Ozone not only disinfects, but also completely sterilizes, eliminating all the problems of the appearance of fungi in the cellar.
  • It perpetuates the use of oak vats.
  • We eliminate the danger of using different cleaning or bactericidal products, the remains of which can alter the composition of the wine or be toxic to the consumer.

Due to its properties, ozone is also used in wineries to establish ideal ambient conditions, eliminating annoying odors, bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses in the environment and in the materials that house them, as well as the sensation of air. rarefied.

Ozone, applied to bottling plants, considerably reduces costs in consumption of water, energy and chemical products, such as disinfectants, thereby contributing to an improvement in environmental sustainability.

It also provides a purer and fresher environment, which translates into a higher quality of life, since it eliminates pollutants of organic and inorganic origin in the environment creating a more pleasant and clean atmosphere, avoiding suffering the typical disorders of wineries such as are:

  • Ophthalmological: Conjunctivitis, tearing, stinging of the eyes, irritation of the mucous membranes …
  • Neurological: headaches, dizziness …
  • Respiratory: pharyngitis, allergies, flu, colds …

It is globally recognized that the appropriate ozone applications have a bactericidal, germicidal, virucidal, fungicidal and deodorant action, rapidly destroying streptococci, staphylococci, colibacilli … as well as the most energetic diphtherin and theta toxins.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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