Wineries and restaurants with a good knowledge of wine know how important it is to have wine coolers . This is the way to keep your wines in excellent condition. And, thus, please the demanding customers who come to savor a good glass of wine.

Meanwhile, the customer also has to play his role well: you have to know certain things to order wine in a restaurant. We tell you all the steps to follow so that you can enjoy a glass of wine at will!

1. Is that the wine you ordered?

As a good wine lover, you know well that the choice of your wine was not the result of chance. But rather the opposite: your choice has been the result of a series of factors. Either the type of food you have ordered, or the desire you have to drink a particular wine …

For this reason, it is important that you make sure that the wine you have ordered is actually being served to you. Always check the label on the bottle! Because after all, waiters are human, and it is already known that anyone can make a mistake.

2. Cork can be a great confidant

Wherever you see it, cork can speak much more than you think about wine. The first thing you should do is check that what is usually printed on the cork corresponds to the brand of wine you have ordered.

If so, you can move on to the second step, which is to see if that cork has suffered any leakage. If you see wine stains on the cork, it is very likely that the wine is not good.

3. The sense of taste, your best ally

If the waiter has brought you the glasses of wine directly and you have not been able to see the bottle, you have two options: either ask to bring it to you or choose to trust your sense of taste.

If you have chosen the second option, let’s see what you should do now. Grab the glass and let the wine tasting begin . If you found the taste good, let the waiter know, he will surely appreciate that gesture!

On the contrary, it may happen that your taste experience is not very pleasant … The following could happen to you:

  1. Deep cork smell: Trichloroanisole (TCA), a popular chemical reaction of phenols when they come into contact with chlorine, is responsible for this effect.
  2. Rancid taste : it is a consequence of the oxidation of the wine. Also, the color of the wine will be close to brown. Both the taste and the smell will be rancid. Don’t drink it!
  3. Wine “vinegary” : when this happens, the wine has come into contact with oxygen because it has not sealed well. Without a doubt, a great defect of the wine!

In these cases, you must notify your waiter, so that he can bring you a bottle in good condition and you can taste a pleasant glass of wine in all its essence.

What did you think of these tips for ordering wine in a restaurant as a true expert on the subject?

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