Medium in size, low compact, with a short pendulum and weak lignification.


Medium to large in size.

Elliptical in shape and slightly flattened in section. 

Intense green skins that turn yellow green when ripe, with abundant bloom.

Pulp not colored, very hard and well vascularized, juicy.

With medium to long pedicel.

With medium-sized and short seeds.  


Very vigorous, with a horizontal bearing.

With low fertility and feminized inflorescences, with short stamens and reflections.


With internodes and knots with marked red stripes on its dorsal side and green on its ventral side. Strongly pigmented buds.  

Young leaves:

With green tan tones, weak anthocyanin pigmentation, and no hair density, both lying down and upright, on the nerves and between them.  

Adult leaves:

Medium in size, orbicular and with five well defined lobes.

With a very dark upper surface, with weak pigmentation of the nerves, with a smooth surface.  

Agronomic characteristics:

The ohanes grape is grown with vine formations.

With characteristic male sterility, which requires macheing or artificial pollination by snapping, by bumblebees or by swabbing frequently during sowing, or by planting American strains with a lot of pollen on the edges of the plantation and even interspersed in it with distributions that are highly variable depending on the conditions. environment and the design of the vineyard.

It requires a good rinsing of shoots and shoots.

The leaf removal can be practiced in cases of lack of color in the grape.

Sensitive to mildew.

With hard skin that remains intense green for a long time.

Slightly sweet and with little acidity, which is why its late ripening period. Very good resistance to transport and conservation.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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