The most expensive wine in the world is Spanish . And it costs, neither more nor less, than 17,000 euros. A real gem for any wine cellar , don’t you think?

While we can all have a wine cellar in our home, there is no doubt that filling it with these revered bottles is within the reach of only a few. It is the AurumRed Gold Series. Fruit of the hectare and a half that make up the Las Pedroñeras vineyard, in the province of Cuenca .

The most expensive wine is also French

But don’t worry, because there are other “cheaper” premium wines . And with cheaper, we mean that you do not have to take a mortgage to get a bottle. Yes indeed. Make sure you have your wine lover’s contact list up to date.

Because it will be necessary to create a group with at least six wine connoisseurs willing to make such an investment. And to be able to taste, thus, a glass of the sacred – and not very affordable – nectar of the gods.

Compared to the more expensive wine, its price could be worthy of a Todo a 100 (now bazaar-remastered). Since the prices of these bottles suitable for a more modest wine cellar, range between 3,000 and 6,000 .

In this category we find, for example, a Domaine Leroy Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France. Since the neighboring country leads, by far, the ostentatious list of the most expensive wine in the world .

Why put the most expensive wine in your wine cellar

But let’s refocus. The best wine is here, specifically in Cuenca. Because friends, Cuenca exists. And his incredible wine flags the Marca España all over the world.

His alma mater, Hilario García, assures that if his wine deserves this label, it is because he personally takes care of it. Since he travels the hectare and a half of the vineyard daily to leave only “the essence of life”.  The one that  will seduce your wine cellar. Or the wine cellar of those who can afford it, of course.

The AurumRed Gold Series, the most expensive wine in the world, arises from the careful selection of the two or three fruit clusters in a process of long care and dedication. Good and ozone water. The “secret ingredient”. The elixir of your wine cellar. A liquid purified with colorless and oxidizing gas that, according to Hilario himself, immunizes his wine against any disease.

And the most surprising. Optimal to take shelter in our wine cellar. Since once opened , it can last up to 4 years without going sour. Something that is still an advantage considering that we are talking about a true collector’s item , right?

Get your wine cellar !

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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