1- Micheli di Palieri

Micheli di Palieri is quite a vigorous variety, which adapts well to a wide growing area.

It is advisable to prune not too long, or even short.

The bunch is visually very attractive, large, semi-pyramidal in shape. Large berry, thick skin. Black, purple. Its pulp is crunchy, juicy, with a fairly neutral flavor, although sometimes it has a certain aroma and melliferous flavor.

2- Origin:

Obtained in Italy by M. Palleri, with the crossing of Alfonso Lavallée and Red Málaga.

3- Cluster:

Medium to large in size, medium compact.

Short peduncle and weak lignification.

Clusters with berries very uniform in size and little in color.

4- Berries:

Berries of large size, ovoid shape and circular section.

Thick skin, with a lot of bloom. Very dark violet red in color.

Pulp not colored, hard, not very juicy, with a slight aroma and melliferous flavor.

With seeds that remain green for a long time and of medium size.

5- Strains:

High Vigor and bearing that tends to lie down.

Average fertility index between 1.4 and 2.

Good production, the micheli di parlieri is a quite productive variety.

6- Phenology:

Time of sprouting, sowing, veraison and mid-season maturation.

Budding Date: From the second week of March to the fourth week of March

Ripening Date: From the last week of August to the second week of September.

Indicative dates in our vine growing area, which may vary in other areas.

Budding Date: March 18.
Flowering Date: May 10.
Envero Date: July 14.
Ripening Date: August 28.
Leaf fall date: November 29.
Harvest date: from the end of August to the end of September.

7- Agronomic Characteristics:

Pruning is not very long, but it must be conducted in a pergola or vineyard.

It requires intense elimination of sprouting and / or shoots.

It resists very well to transport and its conservation is good, especially when cold.

With medium sugar content and acidity.

Sensitive to cluster moth.

Not very sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.

Very sensitive to brotitis.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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