1- Pursuit

Merseguera is an autochthonous Valencian variety from the regions of La Serranía and Alto Turia.

2- Synonyms:

Verdosilla, Exquitsagos.

3- Characteristics of the grape and the Merseguera strain:


Medium to large in size, highly compact and with a short, slightly lignified peduncle. Uniforms


Medium in size, with yellowish-green epidermis. Spherical in shape. With fine and very sensitive skin, with uncolored, soft and very juicy pulp, without special flavors.


High vigor, good adaptability with a tendency to carry it lying down. High fertility and good production. Flare from mid to early period. Late stiffening.

4- Pruning and Driving of the merseguera grape

It produces well in glass, but adapts very well to trellis pruning with royat-type arms with 3 or 4 thumbs.

5- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to the viticultural environment

– Cultivate very plastic, with good climatic and edaphic adaptability .

– Very sensitive to powdery mildew.

– Medium resistant to mildew.

– Very sensitive to botrytis.

– Adapts well to poor and dry terrain.

– Early sprouting , so it can be sensitive to cold in spring.

– Late to very late collection.

– There is a genetic mutation detected and multiplied of merseguera ( Merseguera Tinta ).

6- Oenological potential of merseguera wines

– With early harvests it gives excellent musts with herbaceous and fruity aromas .

– It has the ability to produce very aromatic, fresh, slightly acidic wines of a moderate degree.

– Variety suitable for young fast-drinking wines , with a very pale color that can easily turn to straw-yellow colors.

– It gives rise to very easily differentiable and defined wines that are reminiscent of bitter almonds, with little body, light and very soft.

– It can be used for making liquors.

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