La Mencía is originally from DO Bierzo , between the provinces of León and Zamora. Currently this variety is recovering a lot, and high quality wines are being made in the area. Experiences with this variety also begin in other areas outside the Bierzo.

1- Synonyms of the mention:

2- Characteristics of the mencia grapes:


Small in size , medium compact, with berries that are uniform in size and color, with a medium-sized peduncle and little lignification.


Small in size , elliptical-acuminate in shape, difficult to detach from its pedicel, with very dark bluish-black epidermis and lots of bloom, with a medium consistency without being hard, juicy.


  • Medium vigor and bearing tending to the vertical.
  • It is a variety with early sprouting and mid-season maturation.
  • Little productive.

3- Characteristics of the strain:

  • Vine variety of medium vigor and very productive, with early budding and good maturation.
  • Mencia is sensitive to powdery mildew and mildew.
  • Sensitive to wood diseases.
  • Of medium sensitivity to botrytis .
  • Little affected by mites.

4- Characteristics of Mencia wines:

Its musts are very fruity and aromatic , they do not have much coloring intensity but can give intense color in advanced ripening and with production regulation.

Red wines made with the Mencia grape are fruity , velvety wines with great color and acidity.

They stand out and support aging in wood very well .

Very suitable for young wines.

The rosé wines that are produced with mencia are usually aromatic, smooth and light and fruity.

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