1- Maturana Tinta

2- Synonyms:

They mature

3- Clusters:

  • Large in size, frustoconical.
  • Very short peduncle.
  • Homogeneous grain size.

4- Berries:

  • Medium in size, spherical, tending to ellipsoidal.
  • Blue-black or reddish skin, with a lot of bloom.
  • Soft pulp, unpigmented and very juicy.

5- Strains:  


Early sprouting and mid-season maturation.

6- Agronomic characteristics of the red maturana variety:

  • It does not accept moisture in the soil.
  • It prefers loose, well aerated and stony soils.
  • Sensitive to mildew.

7- Oenologically:

Its musts have very little acidity and a lot of sugar.

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