Manganese in the fertilization of the vine.

Effect of manganese on the vineyard:

Vineyard manganese fertilization: Manganese is another of the trace elements necessary as enzymatic cofactors in the metabolic routes of the strains.

Participates in the reduction of nitrites.

Manganese Deficiency or Lack in vineyard:

Its deficiency can manifest itself late from veraison.

The lack of manganese in the vineyard produces deficiencies in fruit set, a decrease in the vigor of the vines and a decrease in the fertility of the buds, also having important effects on the quality of the harvest since it reduces the amount of sugar by not allowing adequate sugar. ripening of the grapes, which is markedly delayed.

Manganese deficiency also reduces the volume of the berries as well as the aroma of the must and wine, especially by reducing aldehydes.

Symptoms of Manganese deficiency:

– As symptoms of this deficiency, we must first of all remember the diffuse yellowing or redness of the leaves, respecting the nerves and their closest environment, which remain green, but peripheral necrosis appears.

– Secondly, a marked scallop and the appearance of irregularities on the edge of the leaves

– Thirdly, the shoots have incomplete withering and elongated necrosis in the internodes.

Manganese vine fertilization: Excess Manganese in vine fertilization:

Manganese can be phytotoxide in excess , above 400-500 ppm, producing:

– necrosis and curvature of the edges towards the upper part of the leaves.

– shifting of influences.

– Diffuse black dots on the nodes and internodes, on the petioles and on the veins of the leaves, as well as on the peduncles of the racemes and on the tendrils.

Manganese vineyard fertilization: Foliar applications correct the symptoms even momentarily.

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