1- ✅ Variety of Malbec vineyard

Malbec has its history and its origin in Bordeaux , although nowadays to speak of Malbec is indisputable to speak of Argentina.

2- Synonyms

Malbec is also known by one of these other names:

  1. Cot,
  2. Cahors,
  3. Pressac,
  4. Auxerrois,
  5. Red cost,
  6. Lutkens,
  7. Quercy,
  8. Balouzat,
  9. Jacobin,
  10. Sweet black,
  11. Saint Emilion,
  12. Miss.


The bunches are small to medium-sized, of high compactness and a very short peduncle.


The berries or grapes of this variety have the following characteristics:

  • Large, of uniform size , with very marked stylar scar.
  • Bluish black epidermis .
  • Shape rounded.
  • With easy detachment from the pedicel.
  • Thick skin .
  • Pulp not colored, soft and very juicy.


Its strains have these peculiarities:

  • They have a precocious sprouting and maturation also precocious or half season.
  • They are Vigorous .
  • Of lowered bearing .

3- ✅ Viticulture of Malbec:

The sensitivity to pests and diseases and the particularities of malbec viticulture can be summarized in the following points:

  1. It is sensitive to powdery mildew, excoriation , other wood diseases and black rot.
  2. This variety is very sensitive to mildew and especially gray rot.
  3. Very sensitive to mites.
  4. Moderately sensitive to cluster moths and leafhoppers.
  5. It is very sensitive both to winter frosts and cold in spring and even to low temperatures in the sow that induce a strong shift in this variety.
  6. Very sensitive to drift.
  7. It is a demanding variety in potash and magnesium , but little nitrogen must be used due to its very high vigor.
  8. It requires good supports for its training.
  9. More quality is achieved with long pruning . It may take some practice to regulate production.
  10. It must be grafted on weak rootstocks to avoid bleeding due to excess vigor.

4- Winemaking potential:

It produces musts of high intensity of color , very tannic, not very aromatic, but with very peculiar and pleasant aromas.

Suitable for young wines.

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