1- Macabeo (Viura)

Macabeo is a white grape variety with a certain increase in plantations in Spain in the last decade. Not only is it used to make CAVA, but it works very well because it is a very versatile variety, as well as rustic and productive. It is grown practically throughout Spain.

2- Macabeo cultivation areas

The Macabeo grape is a variety cultivated in the viticulture of Catalonia, Aragon and La Rioja, Castilla la Mancha, Valencia and Extremadura. In Rioja it is known as Viura.

3- Characteristics  of the Macabeo grape

Adult Leaves:

  • Large, with five lobes.
  • Petiolar sinus little open or closed.


Very large and compact, with a short peduncle.


  • Medium-large in size, rounded in shape and thick skin.
  • Very uniform.
  • A little frost.

4- Phenology of the variety

  • Sprouting:  medium late.
  • Maturation:  Late.
  •  Long Cycle .

5- Characteristics  of the Macabeo strain

  1. Vigor:  Medium High
  2. Fertility:  High
  3. Production:  High
  4. Upright  postage.
  5. The Macabeo grape is a  rustic variety  and adaptable to many types of soils.
  6. Its implantation  should be avoided  both in cool and humid places and in too dry soils, where it is prone to desiccation and senescence and early fall of the leaves.
  7. Its  high fertility and high yields  advise short pruning systems.
  8.  Wind sensitive variety  . In this sense, for Macabeo viticulture, trellis driving is convenient.
  9. In order to achieve  quality production, it  is important to control the yield and excess vigor, avoiding all those factors that favor it: irrigation, excessive nitrogen fertilization, wide planting frames, vigorous rootstocks … Likewise, the appropriate choice of the harvest date is important. and a careful preparation to achieve quality wines.

6- Sensitivity to pests and diseases

  • Very sensitive to gray rot.
  • Sensitive to mites, powdery mildew, and bacterial necrosis.
  • Insensitive to  mildew.

7- Oenological characteristics of the macabeo wine

  • Macabeo is a  versatile variety . Depending on the growing conditions, it makes it possible to obtain dry, sparkling whites and even natural sweet wines.
  • Dry and sparkling wines are  light , pleasant, balanced in acidity and sugar, and pale in color. In warm areas and conditions its acidity decreases.
  • The wines have a low potassium concentration, with medium levels of tartaric acid and malic acid.
  • The Macabeo grape is a variety in which  floral and fruit aromas predominate,  expressing a medium aromatic intensity.
  • Sometimes its  aromatic load  is enhanced when mixed with other varieties.
  • The wines from Macabeo grapes have a low level of oxidases, so they are very suitable for fermentation and   traditional aging in barrels.
  • Widely cultivated in Penedes, it is one of the varieties with which cavas are elaborated in  coupages  with Xarel.lo and Parellada.

8- Macabeo wine tasting

Visual Phase:

Bright pale white color with a greenish rim.

Olfactory Phase:

Medium aromatic intensity: fine aromas, with elegant notes of white fruit and aniseed floral touches.

Tasting Phase:

On the palate it is fresh and has good integrated acidity.

9- Macabeo wine pairing

Although the Macabeo is a grape that is present in many wine coupages, normally when it is a wine that is 100% of the Viura grape they are usually young wines, so a fresh service between 6 and 10ºC is recommended.

It is an ideal wine to accompany seafood and tapas, although it can be combined well with fish, vegetables, smoked meats and cheeses.

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