From the time a vineyard is planted to having a glass of good wine waiting to be drunk in your hands, there are a series of processes. And winemaking is something that must be done with care and care. Because wine, as they used to say, is a whim of the gods.

The fridges for wines perform their duties of maturing wine and ensure that its properties remain intact. But, before that, there is a fundamental step, that of resting in the barrel. We explain everything about this point in the wine-making process!

What are the origins of the barrel?

The truth is that the barrel is a tool that can boast a few years on its back since its birth. However, we must not forget that the oldest wines in the world were kept and stored in amphorae , ceramic vessels and even in animal hides.

Another curious fact is that barrels, originally , were not invented for the storage of wine, but for its transport . And it is that the marketing of wine was considered a great opportunity to do business in those places where the cultivation of vines did not occur.

The shape and robustness of the barrels facilitated the transport of this drink, considered in ancient times a delicacy of the gods.

Likewise, in the past almost any type of wood was used to make the barrels: pine, beech, chestnut … Something that has changed a lot today, since now the wood is, except in very isolated cases, exclusively from oak .

Why do wines mature in barrels?

The Crianza, Reserva wines and other high quality require time to mature and aging in barrels.

And it is that in this phase, the barrels (which are usually made of oak) facilitate the oxygenation that the wine needs to achieve its excellence . Likewise, oak wood, when in contact with this concoction, provides it with a series of compounds that directly influence the aroma and flavor of the future wine .

Thus, a reaction that takes place in barrel maturation processes is called micro-oxygenation . This happens when oxygen penetrates the pores of the oak wood and reaches the wine stored inside the barrels. That’s when the actual aging and maturation of the wine occurs .

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