Keeping wine at home is something as common as it is delicate. Yes, delicate. And there are several aspects to take into account to optimally preserve the wine at home.

Buying a wine cellar is the solution to the problem. However, to “get out of the way” for a while, what can be done to preserve wine at home? We explain some really useful tricks! Keep reading!

The wine cellar: the ideal appliance for storing wines at home

Although the practice of putting wine bottles in the freezer a few minutes before serving is widespread, we must know that it produces very adverse effects on the essence of the wine. Thus, we explain it in one of our articles .

The solution? Acquire a wine cooler or refrigerator for wines , which is an appliance specially designed for the optimal conservation of wine bottles.

Thanks to wine coolers or wine coolers, your bottles can be at the temperature and humidity level that you indicate . Also, this appliance prevents direct light from hitting the wine bottles . And, aesthetically, it can be a key element in the design of a room. Take a look at the Vitempus collections and see for yourself!

Tips for storing wine at home

If you do not have a wine cellar, these recommendations may be really useful when it comes to storing wine bottles at home. Take note of all of them!

  1. The wine bottles must be in a horizontal position, because it is important that the wine is in direct contact with the cork . If the wine is sparkling, it is recommended to keep the bottles upright.
  2. The cabin where the wines are to be kept must have ventilation .
  3. The kitchen, a place that should never be chosen to store wines : the kitchen is the room in the house that is exposed to greater volatility in temperature, something that affects the properties of the wine.
  4. Relative humidity, around 65% -80% . Wine cellars allow you to regulate this level of humidity, but achieving it at home can be somewhat complicated. Therefore, you may have to use dehumidifiers (if your house is very humid), or humidifiers (if the environment of your home is very dry).
  5. Direct light damages the properties and the essence of the wine . So you have to be careful in choosing the room to store the wine: it should be a rather dark place, where the direct sunlight does not reach, or arrives in a reduced way.

Take a look at the wide collection of Vitempus wine cellars and start conserving wine at home in the best possible way!

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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