The world of wine is as fascinating as it is unique and evocative. Knowledge of wine is a trend in our country: the popularization of wine bars , wine tourism or wine tasting shows this.

But how do you get the most out of wine tastings? We give you the best tips to squeeze every moment of your experience!

Indications to take into account before starting the wine tasting

The most common is to taste the wine in a winery or restaurant, but if you are going to do it on your own with family or friends, you should read the following instructions. Because, you want your loved ones to experience wine tasting to the fullest, right?

  1. Serve each wine at the correct temperature : this is key to not upsetting the original taste of the wine and keeping its properties intact. But how to do it? There are small wine cellars or large wine cellars , which are specific refrigerators for wine. These allow you to regulate both the humidity and the temperature. 
  2. A glass for each wine : when it comes to wine tasting, the tañacaría cannot be accommodated in any case. And is that if you use the same glass, the flavors will mix with each other.
  3. Avoid strong perfumes and smells : the olfactory phase of wine tasting (which we will explain below) will thank you for this gesture.

How to taste a wine: the phases

Wine is a “trending topic” in bars and restaurants in our country. Whether at lunch, dinner, or as an accompaniment to some skewers: wine is always present .

But tasting a wine is not as simple as it seems . It is a unique experience and increasingly valued by the public. And to make the most of it, we are going to explain its phases. Pay attention to the advice we give you in each one!

  1. The visual phase : “don’t eat through your eyes,” they say. And here we say “don’t drink through the eyes.” Something complicated, right? The truth is that the view helps to make the most of the wine experience. We recommend that you lean your wine glass against a white background and carefully observe all the colors that melt into it.
  2. Smell, protagonist of the second phase : the aromas that the wine gives off are magic. They evoke places, feelings … First, take the glass of wine without shaking and smell deeply, what aromas do you perceive? Then shake it, so that the oxygen comes in more contact with the wine. You will see how the smell changes after having shaken the wine glass! A unique experience!
  3. Taste, the backbone of the third phase : this is the favorite phase for most. Bring the wine glass of wine to your mouth, give it a drink, and catalog the salty, bitter, sweet and acid notes of the wine. Experts agree that in an excellent wine there must be a balance between these 4 elements of wine.

Wine tastings are unique experiences that allow us to be in maximum contact with wine. Our senses give us a unique experience.

However, for an excellent wine tasting it is essential that the bottles have been properly preserved. That is, with its optimum temperature and humidity level. That is why at Vitempus we offer a wide catalog with wine cabinets of all sizes and models .

Ready to enjoy a wine tasting with all 5 senses?

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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