Good wine preservation is essential for the wine to retain all its properties in an optimal way. Today, there are wine cellars that offer us the possibility of storing wine bottles in a comfortable way and without taking up much space in our home.
In this post we are going to give you a series of tricks to learn how to store wine bottles. Keep reading!

Recommendations: how wine bottles should be stored

If you are a wine lover, you may have wondered how wine bottles should be stored and if you are doing it the right way. Therefore, we give you some recommendations to take into account:

  • Position: bottles should be stored horizontally. In this way, the wine will always be in contact with the cork and will not dry out. They can also be placed slightly tilted up or down. In both cases, the bottles will have to be moved periodically to prevent the cork from drying out or the wine sediment from accumulating on the top.
  • Temperature: it should be around 13º and 16º Celsius, and be constant. That is to say, it must be a cool place but one that does not suffer sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, the kitchen is not a good place to store wine because it suffers from constant temperature changes, as well as odors.
  • Humidity: the ideal is a relative humidity that is between the range of 60% and 70%, to maintain the stability of the cork.
  • Light: light is the enemy of wine. For this reason, they must be kept in a dark and cool place to avoid oxidation.
  • Smell: the wine must be kept in a place without odors, away from cleaning products.
  • Shelves : shelves or shelves are a good solution to store wine properly.

Conservation time

We have the idea that all wines improve over time, but it is not entirely true. You have to take into account which wines are good to preserve and which ones are not. Likewise, various factors must be considered: age, vintage, origin, type of grape, aging, and where the bottle has been stored.
In this case, young wines must be drunk in the year they are purchased. The crianza and gran reserva during the 5 and 15 years respectively. It is not advisable to exceed this time if you do not have a wine cellar to preserve the wines in an optimal way.
Currently, there are wine coolers on the market that optimize and facilitate this process and at an affordable cost. Don’t hesitate and get yours!

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