Do you have doubts about how to buy a wine cellar cabinet? A  wine cellar is a key piece for the correct conservation of wine, so it is important to choose well. Here we bring you a guide with 7 things to consider before deciding which winery to buy.

Each wine cooler has different characteristics and functions, therefore, the first step should be to be clear about the needs it must meet.

The most important thing to know how to buy a wine cellar cabinet is to check that the wine cellar maintains a suitable storage temperature between 12ºC and 18ºC. But there are also other important aspects that must be taken into account and known. As that it has adequate humidity and ventilation and that it is protected from vibrations and light.


  • Purpose and use to which it will be given: it is important to know how long the bottles will be kept. Do you want a cellar for the aging of certain wines or for the conservation of wines of habitual use?
  • Capacity: we must think about how many bottles we want to keep, taking into account our usual consumption. Our advice is that you always take the largest that you can afford for space and budget, because even if it seems that you will not fill it, you will. At Vitempus we have wine cellars with capacity from 4 bottles, wine cellar 16 bottles, up to 180 bottles.
    • They should not be subjected to strong changes in temperature.
    • It is not advisable to put wine cellars outdoors, as they should not receive direct light.
    • It is recommended to place them in unheated rooms where the temperature does not exceed 30ºC and never near devices that produce heat or vibrations.
    • Compressor wine cabinets often produce sounds. Do not place them where they can disturb you, but they should not be located in very noisy environments either.
    • If you place the wine cooler inside a cupboard, leave an inch on the sides so as not to affect its ventilation.Location: it is essential to take into account the ambient temperature of the space to guarantee the correct air conditioning of the wine fridge. A wine cellar must be located in a suitable space. For it:
  • Compressor or thermoelectric system: – If you need a small wine cellar without any noise or vibration, you should choose a thermoelectric system . In addition, these systems achieve more stable temperatures than those of the compressor, although they depend to a great extent on the external temperature. These wine coolers are not recommended for built-in, as they generate a lot of heat at the rear. They are respectful with the environment and the repairs and maintenance are cheaper. Recommended for personal use. – If you want large capacity air-conditioned cellars you will find more variety in wine cellars with compressor,but these produce more noise and vibration. Although they have the advantage that they work independently of the outside temperature. This option is the most expensive. Recommended for professional use.


  • Integrable Wine Cooler ?: once you have decided where the wine cooler will be located, you have to think about whether you want to integrate it into the floor or into the wall and look for a model that is compatible.
  • Variety of wines and temperatures : red wines must be stored at different temperatures than white or sparkling wines. If you want to preserve all kinds of wines, a multi-temperature wine cellar is recommended, which allows you to have independent zones with various temperatures. If, on the other hand, only one class of wines is to be kept, a single-temperature wine cellar would be sufficient.
  • Brand: Finally, the preferences in the design, the quality and the price of the wine cellar will also be a deciding factor.

Now that you know how to buy a wine cellar cabinet and the characteristics it must meet, we invite you to find your ideal wine cellar in our online catalog, take advantage of our wine cellar offers!

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