If you have ever considered planting vines to make wine, the first economic question that arises is how much is it worth to plant a vineyard? .

How much is it worth to plant a vineyard?

It may also be that you are thinking of investing in a new vineyard or expanding the hectares in production.

The prices shown in the table are indicative , since for a real project the quantities and prices of the work units should be adapted to the real project.

All the chapters are necessary, but the price may vary according to the machinery used, the orography of the land and the material to be used. For example, the prices of the poles are directly proportional to the size, since they are usually sold by weight, and each variety must have the appropriate pole length for its vegetative development.

The price of steel is undergoing many variations, usually on the rise, due to the great demand for this raw material in emerging countries.

The investment of the vineyard plantation can also be staggered, not being necessary to carry out all the chapters initially. A suitable distribution of the investment could be:

  • The first year , chapters 1 and 2 referring to land preparation and planting can be carried out.
  • The second year we can resume the installation of the trellis, and between the second and third year the installation of the irrigation system.

We can make a plantation without trellises, in glass conduction, and without irrigation installation, since the vineyard is a dry crop. In this case the investment is much lower. In any case, the investment involved in the establishment and planting of a vineyard for 10,000 square meters, at an indicative level, is as follows:

It is very important to emphasize that the vine has a useful life of between 25-50 years (depending on factors) so the planting costs are only going to be carried out once in the useful life of the vineyard .

It is important not to skimp on these initial expenses, since the initial evolution of the plantation is directly related to the way of carrying out the initial plantation. You may be interested in taking a look at the document COST OF CULTIVATION IN VINEYARD RIOJA.

CHAPTER 1: Ground Preparation

1He hasClearing and cleaning of the land by mechanical means.1,00200,00 €200,00 €
2He hasStoning the Ground1,00300,00 €300,00 €
3He hasDesfonde Moldboard 70 cm Tractor 150 CV1,00300,00 €300,00 €
TOTAL Ground Preparation800,00 €

CHAPTER 2: Plant + Plantation

CHAPTER 2: Plant + Plantation
1outGraft Plant Tempranillo Clone 51 / R-1103.000,001,50 €4.500,00 €
2outMechanized laser planting including ground marking3.000,000,25 €750,00 €
3outDouble layer sole protectors 50 cm + Placement3.000,000,40 €1.200,00 €
4outBamboo Tutor 1,05 m + Laying3.000,000,25 €750,00 €
TOTAL Plant + Plantation7.200,00 €

CHAPTER 3: Backboard: Material and Placement

1outEdge posts 2.20 m high60,004,00 €240,00 €
2outCentral Posts 2.00 m high1.300,002,00 €2.600,00 €
3outPropeller disc60,000,40 €24,00 €
4outPropeller Rod 600 mm60,000,40 €24,00 €
5outGalvanized Wire Tensioner and screws m6 * 70180,000,30 €54,00 €
6kgHard Galvan Triple Steel Cable 2.7 mm200,000,90 €180,00 €
7kgHard Galvan Triple Steel Cable 2 mm320,000,90 €288,00 €
8outTrellis Placement Labor 4 pawns + 1 Technician1,00800,00 €800,00 €
TOTAL Trellis4.210,00 €

CHAPTER 4: Irrigation + Placement

1out16 mm integrated drip hose 4L / h at 1.20 m including accessories3.300,000,50 €1.650,00 €
2outGeneral polyethylene hose 63 mm 0.4 ATM including accessories200,000,75 €150,00 €
3mlTrench excavation with backhoe150,001,00 €150,00 €
4OutIrrigation installation according to current regulations with all accessories1700,00 €700,00 €
Total Irrigation + Placement2.650,00 €

Summary of all costs


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