1- How many vine plants can fit on my land?

The first thing we have to know is  how much surface we are going to plant .

The international metric system works with square meters (m2) or with hectares (ha).

We assume a rectangular shape of the field and measure the width and length in meters. We make the product of both measurements and we will obtain the area in square meters of our land.

2- What is the planting density?

The number of vine plants that are planted in one hectare (10,000 square meters) is called the  planting density,  or what is the same , the number of plants on a specific surface.

Trellis vine plantation framework.

Normally, an  average density suitable  for vine plantations in Spain is  3,000 vines per hectare (ha) . The  tillage machinery is the one that will limit the width of the street, which can vary between 1.5 meters to 4 meters.

Once the lane width is defined, we must calculate the distance from vine to vine, to arrive at a density of 3,000 vines per hectare. There are tables for calculating the planting frame of vines per hectare.

3- Formula to calculate plants per hectare:

3m * 1m: Three meters of lane width by 1 m from vine to vine.
2.5m * 1.20m: two and a half meters of fairway by 1.20 meters from vine to vine.

In the case that we already have the street width and the distance between vines defined, we can apply the following mathematical formula to calculate the  number of plants we need , where:

C:  Street Width

D:  Distance between strains

S:  square meters that we have to plant.

no. vineyard plants needed = S / (C * D)

Practical example for calculating floors per area:

– We have 250 square meters of land.

– The selected street width is 2.80m

– The distance from vine to vine is 1.20m

number of plants needed = 250 / (2.80 * 1.20)

Carrying out the mathematical operation we obtain the result of: 74.40 plants, and we will ask the nursery for 75.

To choose a suitable planting density  or planting frame, we should also take into account other factors that can condition the planting of vines such as: Fertility and soil structure, Vigor of the rootstock and of the selected variety, irrigation system….

4- Plants per hectare calculator

5- Clarifications and equivalences in surface measurements:

How much is a hectare?

  • A hectare is the measure of surface equivalent to 100 areas. 1 area = 100 m2 (one hundred square meters).
  • A hectare is the area that occupies a square of 100 meters on a side by 100 meters wide, that is, 10,000 square meters.
  • Square meter = Unit of surface of the International System, which is equivalent to the surface of a square, where each of its sides measures one meter.

6- Some equivalences in the international measurement system:

  • 1 ha (hectare) = 10,000 square meters
  • 1 ha (hectare) = 100 areas
  • 1 ha (hectare) = 0.01 square kilometers.
  • 1 ha (hectare) = 12 hanegadas (valencia).
  • 1 ha (hectare) = 2’471 acres

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