The purchase of a wine cellar can save us from problems related to the loss of the properties of the wine or the variation of the flavor. However, a wine refrigerator will not avoid one of the eternal questions in relation to wine intake, which is the well-known: “How many calories does wine have?”

We will tell you everything in this new article!

Debunking myths: how many calories does wine have?

The first issue to clarify is that the type of wine is a crucial factor in determining the calories in each type of wine. And, as you well know, the alcohol content can differ a lot if you talk about one type of wine or another.

  • Sweet wine : this is the type of wine that has the highest caloric intake. And is that each glass of this wine can contain 190 to 275 calories.
  • Sparkling wine : I ‘m sure the next time we toast with cava we have in mind that a glass of this sparkling wine can contain up to 158 calories.
  • Strong red wine : Pinot Noir, Cabernet… these are examples of strong red wine. Varieties whose glass of wine can add 165 to 195 calories.
  • Light red wine : coinciding with a lower alcohol content compared to strong red wine, light red wine also has fewer calories. Specifically from 135 to 165 per glass.
  • Strong dry white wine : Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay … Having a glass of this precious wine constitutes a caloric intake that is between 150 and 175 calories.
  • Light dry white wine : As its name suggests, this is the least caloric white wine. Each drink usually has between 105 and 145 calories. The Albariño is a clear sample of light white wine .
  • Sweet white strong wine : Moscato or Silvana are examples. If your goal is to lose weight, maybe you better think about ordering a strong sweet white wine. And it is that the calories are high: between 177 and 215 calories per glass of wine.
  • Light Sweet White Wine : This is the type of wine with the fewest calories. Specifically, between 110 and 147 per glass. And the reason is found in its low alcohol content (between 6% and 9% alcohol).

What is the main source of calories in wine?

There is not much mystery when it comes to the main source of calories in wine. As it can be otherwise, it is alcohol.

Along these lines, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) published an interesting report in which it revealed some conclusions. One of them was that a glass of wine usually has an average of 117 calories, an amount equivalent to that of two chocolate cookies .

And it is that fat is the only element of human intake that exceeds alcohol in caloric intake.

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