1- Don Mariano grape variety. 

2- Synonyms:

Don Mariano is also known as: Imperial, Black Almeria, Black Murciana, Napoleon.

3- Clusters:

The clusters of this grape variety are large, of medium compactness, with a medium length peduncle and low lignification of the peduncle.

4- Berries:

The berries or grains are large, elliptical elongated, with a circular section.

Peel or skin has heterogeneous coloration, except in sunny bunches and bunches.

Thick and with a medium level of bloom, although this level can be high. With very apparent styling scar.

The pulp is soft, not colored, juicy and highly vascular, without specific flavors or aromas.

With medium-sized pedicel. With a large impeller that is very difficult to detach. With very lignified and long seeds.

5- Strains:

The strains of the napoleon grape variety are of medium vigor, with an upright habit and low fertility, but with high productivity as they have large bunches, but they have less than one bunch per shoot.

It has many marketable clusters unless they are fragmented.

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