1- Gewürztraminer

The Gewurztraminer grape is native to the Alsace area, France and it is in this area where the variety expresses its maximum splendor.

2- Synonyms

Gustraminer, Organic Traminer.

3- Growing areas: The gewürztraminer in the world.

It is currently cultivated in many countries such as:

Germany, Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, the United States, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

4- The gewurztraminer in Spain

In Spain, the gewürztraminer is licensed in:

Aragon, Andalusia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Navarra, La Rioja and the Valencian Community.

Although it is present in these provinces and in the corresponding denominations, its maximum potential will be in high areas around 900 meters above sea level.

5- Characteristics of the Gewürztraminer grape


Small to very small size, frustoconical, of medium compactness and low uniformity, with medium peduncle length and only well lignified at the base.


Small in size, ovoid but circular in section. Difficult to detach.

With thick pink-green skin.


Soft with pink tones at least in the most illuminated parts. With a peculiar muscat flavor that is very pleasant and intense.


Vigorous, upright to semi-upright. With early outbreak and second stage maturation.

6- Characteristics of Gewürztraminer strains

  • Not very sensitive to cold but quite sensitive to spring frosts.
  • Very sensitive to drought.
  • Sensitive to iron chlorosis.
  • Sensitive to flower bleeding and the loss of berries in development, so it needs to be grafted on not very vigorous rootstocks.
  • It is a vigorous variety that prefers deep, clay soils with weak or moderately vigorous rootstocks.
  • It is grown on a trellis  and responds best to long pruning .
  • Not very sensitive to powdery mildew.
  • Sensitive to mildew.
  • Sensitive to wood diseases.
  • Medium sensitivity to botrytis.
  • Sensitive to acid rot.
  • Very sensitive to the drying of the scrape.

7- Oenological potential of Gwürztraminer wines

  1. The Gwürztraminer is one of the most aromatic varieties  .
  2. It produces very aromatic  and sugary musts  , with body and low acidity.
  3. It offers a lot of aroma and a lot of body and in those details is its great virtue.
  4. Its  aromas  of tropical flowers and fruits are very characteristic and are enhanced in cold areas and years.
  5. As in the case of Riesling, Gewürztraminer needs  cold climates  to obtain acidity, otherwise these aromas lose some of their potential.

8- Gewurztraminer wine tasting

Visual phase

In sight, it stands out for its light and bright yellow color with golden flashes.

Olfactory Phase

On the nose, it is very aromatic and offers a very wide palette of aromas:

– Floral notes: roses, jasmine and orange blossom.

– Fruity notes: lychee by which it is recognized, strawberry, peach and passion fruit.

– Spices: cloves and pepper.

In mouth

– It is a very fresh, light and very well structured wine.

– Unctuous and velvety, the floral aromas stand out.

– Silky and enveloping finish.

9- Gewurztraminer Wine Pairing

It is recommended to serve these wines at a cool temperature between 8-10ºC.

Dishes with which to pair a Gewurztraminer wine

  1. Wine of this variety is considered a dessert or aperitif wine  .
  2. It combines very well with  Asian , Japanese, Indian food … since lychee, which is a tropical Asian fruit, stands out on the nose.
  3. In general the  spicy  and spicy dishes .
  4. Steamed vegetables and greens.
  5. Duck and chicken meats   admit it, but always with mild preparations. In the case of duck, it combines very well with all its variants: Magret, Confit and Foie.
  6. Regarding the marine world, it pairs very well with  freshwater  and smoked fish .
  7. With  strong cheeses  or herbs with spicy touches, they enhance the flavor of the gewurztraminer wine.
  8. As for  desserts , it pairs very well with fruit or chocolate.

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