1- Graciano

Graciano is a variety of vine grown mainly in La Rioja , being one of those recommended by the Denomination of Origin. Currently, the graciano is being implanted in other wine-growing areas of Spain due to its great potential . It favors the aging of the wine. More tannic grapes and with greater color than tempranillo with which it complements very well.

2- Characteristics of the grape


Large , with homogeneous grains both in size and color.

Compact , with very marked shoulders.

Peduncle of medium length and little lignification.


Of  small size , spherical section, of detachment difficult.

Very dark blue-violet epidermis.

Thick skins with lots of sheen.

Unpigmented pulp , low consistency and very juicy, with a slightly bitter and licorice flavor. With a short reddish brush.


Vigorous  of vertical bearing.

Sprouting  and late maturation.

Low fertility and  medium-high productivity.

3- Adaptation to the agroclimatic environment of Graciano

-Variety sensitive to  botrytis.

-Quite resistant to  mildew and powdery mildew.

-Tolerates drought well  

-Adaptable to  all types of soils , although it behaves better in fresh clay or calcareous soils.

-Although it is usually  pruned  in glass with short thumbs, it increases its production, maintaining quality, with long pruning if the face is not very high.

4- Characteristics of the grapes

-Graciano wine grapes give musts of  a very intense wine red color  but very easy to oxidize.

-With abundant pectins and low tannin content, with good acidity and high sugar content.

-With  peculiar aromas  of fresh fruit and bitter almond.

5- Oenology. Graciano wines.

-It produces wines with great  aroma and longevity  , which is why it is normally used to make blends with Tempranillo, as it greatly improves the whole, providing acidity, aroma and stability.

-Very used for  crianza, reserva and gran reserva wines.

6- Graciano wine tasting.

Visual phase: 

It has a very intense red color with violet notes.

Olfactory phase: 

High aromatic intensity with spicy and balsamic notes, along with hints of toffee and vanilla and very ripe red fruits.

In mouth 

It is a long and wide wine that is silky at the same time. With a sweet and pleasant finish.

7- Pairing of Graciano wines

Graciano wines pair very well with red meats, Iberian meats, sausages or nuts and cheeses.

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