For some years now, we have not stopped talking about the devastating consequences of global warming. And one of them is the threat of the production of quality grapes for winemaking.

The general increase in temperatures makes it increasingly essential to have wine cellars . Either in restaurants, wineries or in private homes: wine cellars allow wine bottles to not be affected by these changes in temperature that are so damaging to their flavor and composition.

Why is global warming hurting wine harvests?

Global warming brings with it a general rise in global temperatures . Summers become drier and hotter, winters milder.

Thus, viticulture is one of the sectors that is being most affected due to global warming . This is how global warming affects temperatures:

  1. It affects the photosynthesis of plants , in this case of the vine.
  2. The concentration of sugars and the degree of acidity may vary greatly.
  3. The phases of the biological cycle of the vine , or its growth, could be affected.

Wine production is already suffering its consequences: this year is being one of the worst since there are records, as pointed out by various information media .

What will happen to the vineyards if the increase in temperatures continues unabated?

The frenzy of climate change in Spain is already taking its toll on the wine sector. The experts assure that the current distribution of the vineyards will have nothing to do with the one that occurs in a few years .

And it is that the increase in temperatures are making multiple modifications in the Spanish map of vine cultivation . In fact, it is expected that the Denominations of Origin of wine, such as the DO del Bierzo or the DO Calatayud , will undergo changes in the coming years.

In this sense, today something is beginning to be seen that years ago would have been unthinkable: autonomous communities in northern Spain, such as Cantabria or Asturias, are already emerging in the wine production sector . And the results are surprising everyone.

However, on the opposite side we find the areas with a long history in wine production. These are forced to implement new cultivation techniques and technologies that mitigate the damage caused by the increase in temperatures .

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Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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