Sometimes, behind the glass of wine coolers , it is possible to read the names of the wines. Their names are stamped on their labels, an element that contributes to the construction of the personality and uniqueness of the wines.

Has it ever happened to you to walk through the supermarket and stop at the wine section after having spotted a very original wine name?

In this article we are going to talk about some curious wine names. We warn you that it is likely that someone will get you more than one laugh!


5 curious names of wines

The most surprising thing about a wine is its flavor: those sweet and sour notes that run through the whole body. However, in the wines that we will talk about next, the taste is not the only surprising characteristic … its name is too!

  • With a pair : very popular expression in our country, right? Well popular if we add a few more words.
  • Mad housewife – original wine names are not only found in our country. A clear example is found in the United States, and specifically in California. This is where the “Mad Housewife” wine originates from, which translated into Spanish means “Crazy Housewife”. A name that is in tune with the main photograph of the bottle’s labeling.
  • De puta madre : this wine is DO de Rueda and its name wants to immortalize the words that one of its producers exclaimed when he tasted it for the first time. And to you, what do you think of this name?
  • Green dog : like the “De puta madre” wine, the “Perro verde” wine also belongs to the Rueda DO. This bottle contains a white wine from Bodegas de Ángel Lorenzo Cachazo that is gaining a lot of fame among the wine public.
  • Follador : bravery was the first thing that prompted the creators of this wine to baptize in this way. Will the taste of this wine be as surprising as its name?

The importance of wine naming

The name of the wine is an essential part: it helps to bring personality to a wine brand . And not only that, but a name can sometimes be a determining factor in the purchase action by the public . 

The types of bottle of wine , together with the naming, can play a major role in the final purchase decision of consumers.

For example, the 5 names of which we have spoken previously respond to a clear differentiating function. They aim to attract the attention of consumers, first capturing their eyes, and then captivating them with their originality .

In fact, most of these wines with unusual names have great prestige and recognition at the national and international level. Its price is usually an indicator of this.

In short: the quality of a wine should never be justified by just a name .

At Vitempus we have a wide catalog of wine cellars that will allow your wines to be kept at an ideal temperature. Because it already has an original name or a more common naming, a wine deserves to be stored in perfect condition!

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