Very large, branched, some forked and others with very marked shoulders.

Little compact.

With long peduncle and without lignification or with short lignification.


Medium in size, rounded, with a large bun and short, thick pedicels.

With very marked lenticels and stylized scar.

Intense green color before veraison, which turns to dark purple-red but not very homogeneous.


Vigorous, vertical bearing, with much branching and therefore abundant bunches.

Very fertile.

Budding and late maturing.

Viticulture of the Forcallada:

  • It is a very productive variety.
  • Sensitive to mildew.
  • Fairly tolerant of powdery mildew.
  • Sensible a la botritis.
  • Little sensitive to mites.

Enology of the Forcallada:

  • With the forcallada variety we obtain musts of low intensity of color, low acidity and little sugar content.
  • Gives light musts with a herbaceous aroma.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

My name is Dr. Sofia Seccombe, and in this small section, I want to tell you who I am and why I started this project. I don't want to bore you, but I consider that it is an important part of godlywine. It serves as an exercise in transparency so that the person who reads the articles can be sure that the information is reliable.

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