Early Superior

It is a variety of white seedless vine from a mutation of the Superior .

The bunches are small to medium and medium compact.

The beans are medium in size, elliptical-ovoid, yellow-green in color, thin skin, hard and crunchy pulp with a neutral flavor.

The strains are very vigorous, but productivity is low.

It is a very early variety.


This variety of grape is also known as Sugrafive


The bunches are small to medium, of medium compactness.

They have a short peduncle and little obvious lignification.

The grain size is quite uniform and the coloring as well.


The grains are of medium size, elliptical-ovoid in shape.

Greenish-yellow color.

Thin skin, with little bloom.

Hard and crunchy pulp, with a neutral flavor, not colored.

It is easy to detach from its pedicel.


The strains are very vigorous.

With low productivity.

The time of flare and flowering is early.

The ripening time is very early.

Agronomic characteristics:

This variety requires long pruning and support, and can be used on trellises or vineyards.

It has a certain sensitivity to brotitis.

The early superior is sensitive to the cold of spring.

It is sensitive to powdery mildew.

It has a high sugar content and a low acidity.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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