Awareness towards the environment and sustainability has experienced great growth in recent years. Fact that coincides with the rise of a type of wine that is increasingly seen in more wine cellars and wine coolers : organic wine.

And there are many who wonder what the differences are between an organic wine and a conventional one. Ready to discover them?

The main differences between an organic wine and a conventional one

Organic wine, as we mentioned in a previous article, is one of the trends of this 2017 .

When you go to wineries or supermarkets to buy wines, you can easily see that the price of an organic wine is different from that of a conventional one. And, how could it be otherwise, this difference is more than founded.

These are the main features of organic wine that make it different from traditional wine:

  1. During the whole phase of the harvest, it is forbidden to use grapes that have been damaged .
  2. 100% natural fertilizers are used for the vineyards.
  3. The use of the machinery is totally prohibited . That is, tractors cannot be used, the whole process must be manual!
  4. The land of the plots in which the vines are grown does not contain any chemical compounds .
  5. The carbon levels of the clarification phase are very low .
  6. The cork of the bottles is completely natural .
  7. The ingredients used and the wine-making process must be well indicated on the bottle labels .

Organic wine: how to recognize it?

If there is something for which organic wine is characterized, it is for its meticulous supervision throughout its production chain . But, if we are in a supermarket, how do we recognize an organic wine?

To make sure that you are really buying a 100% organic product, you must verify that there is certification . In wine, it is mandatory that a label or other indicative indicates that it is an ecological symbol.

In fact, it is a matter that has been regulated within the framework of the European Union. This is the European legal symbol that establishes the guarantee that a product is 100% ecological :

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Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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