Calatayud, which is located in the province of Zaragoza, stands out for its rich wine production. It is an area with a complex orography, which forces the vineyards to descend through mountain ranges, at altitudes of between 550 meters and 1,040 meters.

And as DO, the importance of keeping your bottles in wine cellars cannot be ignored , to keep all their properties intact.

It is clear that the wines with DO Calatayud are unique… now we explain why!


The DO Calatayud: a bit of history

Calatayud, which is located in the province of Zaragoza, is an ideal area for vineyards, due to the rich components of its land. 

The findings that have occurred in the area explain that it is necessary to go back to the second century BC to find the beginning of the Calatuyud wine-making activity.

Likewise, Marco Valero Marcial was the author of the first written reference found that spoke about the quality of Calatayud wines.

Along these lines, the Romans carried out excellent vine work in the Calatayud area , although with the Muslim invasion, it was abandoned. However, with the Christian reconquest, the wine industry was resumed.

The Cistercian monks played a key role in the popularization of Calatayud wines , which would end up obtaining the Denomination of Origin label.

And it is that these monks worked conscientiously to promote the planting of the vine . In addition, they were the founders of the Monasterio de la Piedra, whose old wineries show the relevance of wine in those lands at the time.

What varieties are there?

The DO Calatayud is rich in variety of grapes . However, the queen variety of the Calatayud Denomination of Origin is undoubtedly Garnacha .

Known as “old vines” in the area, due to the fact that some plantations are over 50 years old, the Garnacha grapes produce wines of extraordinary quality. Personality and youth make up the red wine produced with Garnacha grapes.

Its balance between acidity and alcohol has just covered the particularities of Garnacha grape wine.

Among the other red grape varieties, which account for 92% of the total production, the following stand out: Mazuela, Syrah, Monastrell, Bobal, Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon .

Among those classified as white varieties , Viura stands out , with 256 hectares and whose production represents 8% of the total .

At Vitempus we are next to the production of Denomination of Origin wines. And, how could it be otherwise, we want to emphasize the importance of wine conservation. For this reason, we offer a wide catalog with wine cabinets of all sizes and designs .

Because a wine with DO Calatayud could not deserve anything else!

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