A seal of quality, a recognition of the effort put into the entire process, a prestige for an area. A Denomination of Origin is not easy to achieve.

The production processes are well marked, and must be strictly adhered to. As well as the processes of the subsequent conservation of the wine, with the use of  air-conditioned cellars , which allow each wine to be tasted at its optimum temperature, keeping all its properties intact.

That our country is in the high positions in wine production fills us with pride. A feeling that is reflected in each label that is deposited on each DO bottle. And, precisely, one of the areas that enjoys the most prestige is the Empordà.


DO Empordà: the origins

To understand the first steps of the wine culture in Catalonia, we must go back to the 6th century BC . Thanks to the Greek colony of Empúries, the knowledge of wine began to arrive . The wine trade in the area promoted the wine-growing activity that would end up giving the current prestige to the Empordà area.

Already in the Middle Ages , some monks such as Ramon Pere de Noves, vineyard owners, perfected the processes of making the Empordà wine .

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the vineyard became a symbol of agricultural momentum in the area. Vine cultivation reached its peak here. However, the phylloxera plague in 1879 put a full stop . Its devastating effects ended many of the Empordà vineyards, with the hegemony of the wine that was owned. The subsequent years were hard, with the recovery of the wine industry.

Already in the twentieth century, modern wineries were built that allowed increasing the activity of wine in the area. In addition, the wine production and marketing systems were improved. Another actor that contributed to the increase in wine activity in the Empordà was the private initiative.

In short, a series of efforts that have managed to bring the Empordà wines to the qualification they deserve: Denomination of Origin wines .

What wines are produced in the Empordà?

Red wine, white wine… The lands of the Empordà have something for all tastes.

Its red wines are of exceptional quality. Its great variety of aromatic notes and its intense flavor stand out. 

The most unique variety in the area is the Garnatxa de l’Empordà . With this grape it is possible to make a very sweet wine, with silky and warm tints. Together with the Moscatell de l’Empordà, it is a jewel to accompany desserts. Other varieties of red grape are Samsó or Cariñena .

And not only that, but organic wines, sparkling wines, mistelas and overripe grape wines also stand out .

At Vitempus we offer a wide range of air-conditioned warehouses equipped with the latest technological advances. The wines with the Denomination of Origin seal are little jewels that must be preserved with care and care. Because the pleasure of tasting a DO is unique and unmatched.

Invest in quality and enjoy your DO Empordà wine to the fullest!

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

My name is Dr. Sofia Seccombe, and in this small section, I want to tell you who I am and why I started this project. I don't want to bore you, but I consider that it is an important part of godlywine. It serves as an exercise in transparency so that the person who reads the articles can be sure that the information is reliable.

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