Wine professionals know well that a Denomination of Origin is the result of great effort and work. And it is that achieving this distinctive is not exactly easy. It is a process that requires a detailed study of the vineyards, grapes in an area and stages of production.

And one of the Denominations of Origin that is being found the most in the wine coolers of wineries and restaurants is the DOSomontano. A clear example of avant-garde in the wine world.

DO Somontano: what you should know

The Somontano Designation of Origin is located at the foot of the Aragonese Pyrenees . Specifically, it is located in the surroundings of the Huesca municipality of Barbastro. Its climate is characterized by its hot summers and very cold winters .

This DO was created in 1984 , and since then it has stood out for its innovative nature in wine production and marketing .

The Somontano wine route passes through such symbolic places as Torreciudad or Alquézar . Villages and landscapes steeped in culture and magic that will captivate any willing wine lover.

In short, DO Somontano has proven to be at the level of such prestigious Denominations of Origin as DO Empordà , DO Calatayud , DO Bierzo …

What grape varieties are found in the Somontano Denomination of Origin?

El Somontano is an area with a great diversity of grapes. In fact, up to 15 different species of grape have been cataloged. Both white and red grapes are produced.

Among the white varieties, there are:

  • Garnacha Blanca : its wines are smooth, with a predominant flavor of ripe fruit.
  • Sauvignon Blanc : this grape stands out for producing wines with high acidity and aromas reminiscent of sponge cake, honey and even asparagus.
  • Chardonnay : it is, most likely, the most emblematic white grape. Thanks to its high aromatic expressiveness, it is ideal for the production of elegant wines.

The other varieties of white grape are: Macabeo, Riesling, Alcañón and Gewürztraminer. As can be seen from the name, not all the varieties are native to the Somontano lands.

Among those considered as red grapes, the following stand out:

  • Garnacha Tinta : it is used to produce wines with a smooth palate with fruity touches. Although it is of Mediterranean origin, the Garnacha Tinta has shown excellent adaptability to the climate and land of Somontano.
  • Cabernet-Sauvignon : characterized by a high tannin content and a much more intense color than other red grapes. Cabernet-Sauvignon requires exceptional care in its aging, and is used to make high-end wines.
  • Merlot : it is one of the most common varieties in the Spanish territory. It stands out for its fruity and floral notes.

Other varieties of red grape are: Tempranillo, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Parraleta and Moristel.

Denomination of Origin wines are always a seal of quality. Therefore, its conservation must be done with care and dedication. You still don’t have wine coolers to guarantee the optimal conservation of your Denomination of Origin wines?

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