El Bierzo is a region located northwest of the province of León. It is known, among other things, for its rich production of quality wine. Peculiarity that has led him to obtain the much coveted Denomination of Origin label in the wine world.

The wineries and restaurants in the area proudly offer the excellent wines that wear the DO del Bierzo labels. The conservation of these wines, considered of high quality, is quite demanding. That is why  wine coolers are essential to keep all their properties intact.

Peculiarities of Bierzo: why is it DO?

This area of ​​the Community of Castilla y León has a particular microclimate . The Sierra de los Ancares stands as a natural barrier against the storms that come from the Atlantic. In addition, El Bierzo is located in a valley, which protects the area from inclement weather that could harm the vineyards . A climate that, without a doubt, favors the cultivation of vines.

Another characteristic of the Bierzo land is the slope of its land, which can range from 400 meters to 800 meters. The pH of its soil is close to 5.5, with the absence of carbonates. Characteristics that are very similar to those of humid climates.

The grape varieties that grow in El Bierzo

The character of the Bierzo terrain allows the cultivation of different varieties of grapes. Red wine, white wine, rosé wine … These are the most important types of grapes of the Bierzo Designation of Origin :

    1. Mencía : it is the most common variety of the Bierzo, and therefore, its main hallmark. In fact, it represents almost 75% of the total grape production. It is a red variety, whose cluster is usually small. Exceptional red and rosé wines come out of it, soft to the sense of taste and fruity when they are still young.
    2. Garnacha tintorera : this type of grape, also present in the DO Calatayud , is used for the production of reds and rosés with a high alcohol content. Its wines have an intense color that differentiates them in a particular way.
    3. Doña Blanca : as its name suggests, it is a variety of white grape. It can also be known as Valencian.
    4. Palomino : type of white grape also known as Jerez or Listán. It represents 17% of the total grape production in the Bierzo area. The color of this grape is somewhere between yellow and green.

The great diversity of grapes grown in El Bierzo highlights the great wealth that this land of wines treasures .

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